How To Start Your Own Drone Business

After many flights with your drone, you may have asked yourself, “how can I make money off of flying drones?”.  Videography and photography.  Anyone can fly a drone and spin it around a few times but the real skill comes when you know how to take the right shot in relation to your setting.

In order to make money with your drone, you need to become a drone video freelancer or drone photographer.  There are many different industry areas where you can use these skills. 

By reading below you will know which freelancer industry suits you and your drone skills.  Make sure when you are flying you are always listening to your local drone laws.

Real Estate

When real estate agent sells a house they will share photos and videos with their buyer.  This is where you come in hand.  A real estate agent may hire you to take some areal photos or videos of the property. 

Take birds-eye view photos of the whole property or do fly-bys to show the perspective of how large the property is.  

Property Photos

Property photos are different compared to real estate because this is for the property owner.  This would be a photo that the property owner would buy off of you and you could possibly frame it to hang it on the wall. 

Showing perspective of the property and the landscape may be a favourite to the property owner.


When starting off you may not be shooting drone commercial footage for large companies that are worth millions.  This is targeted to small businesses that may be broadcasting a commercial for a local TV station or need some background video for their store. 

Whether you do independent drone footage or the commercial director hires you to capture the videos of the subject.

Public Social Media

Shooting videos and photos for a companies social media page.  In 2020 almost every company has social media for marketing. 

You can help with this.  Whether you are managing their social media and posting drone shots footage, or if you are hired for a one-time video/photoshoot.

Personal Social Media

Posting your drone photos and videos on your personal social media page. When doing this I recommend using Instagram as it is a great place to share photos and small videos easily. Share your content with the public and this will help build your name. 

Companies may even see your drone content and ask you for business.  If you want to learn how to gain Instagram followers and likes, click the button below.

How To Gain Social Media Fame

Selling Your Videos/Photos

You can sell your photos and videos to other companies.  This may be for websites that need background content or companies that would later sell your drone photos and videos.  Companies such as ‘Getty Images’ are always looking to buy photos off of people.


The best way to get your drone content out there is to make a name for yourself.  Get people to recognize your name and want to recommend you to potential future customers.  Use your drone skills to help you turn it into a business and start making more money.

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