How To Start Your Own Videography Business

There are many different avenues to turning your videography skills into a business.  Youtube, freelancing, getting hired, etc.  If you want to know how to gain a following on YouTube check out, 5 Tips On How To Gain YouTube Subscribers and Views. For the sake of examples, all videos below are youtube videos.

For the sake of this page, we will be talking about video freelancing. In today’s day and age, there is videography equipment for every shot imaginable. From drones to action cameras, everything can be filmed. Starting your own drone business is a whole other category and can be learned about here, How To Start Your Own Drone Business

Having the right equipment is essential for your business. Camera stabilizers are perfect for just about any filming. Purchasing editing software can also open a new part of your videography business. Rather than just filming and sending in raw clips, you can charge more for an edited version.

Property Videos

Filming property videos for customers is a great avenue and can lead to plenty of profit. Many people look for videos of their land and homes when they are selling their place. Film every detail of the land and then edit it all into a video for the homeowners to show potential buyers.

You can charge around $200 for a few hours of work.

Film Tutorials

Tutorial videos have lots of potential viewers. An example of the video below, ‘5 Beginner Fishing Tips’. Film valuable and informative information for your target audience. A business may look for you to film a video that they can show their customers. Examples could be camps looking for tutorial videos to show their students, or schools looking for math videos to show their class.

When filming tutorials you can charge around $100 an hour.


Commercials, the largest and most profitable video freelancing avenue. People will pay large sums of money for quality filmed and edited videos. The example below is a record player commercial/advertising.

Professional commercial videographers can charge around $5000 per minute of footage. Having the right equipment and skills is a large necessity for commercial filming.


The best way to get your videography skills out to the public is by making a name for yourself. Create a social media page and contacts for people to discover you. Get your customers to recommend you to other potential future customers. Use your videography skills to help you create a video freelancing business.

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