4 Stocks To Avoid In 2020

2020 has been a wild year and has had many positive and negative effects on the stock market. Back in March 2020, stocks dove a lot. After that, some stocks strived and did very well and others did not.

These 4 stocks are in order, number 1 being the best stock to avoid.

Here my top 4 stocks to avoid in 2020 (IMO).


Now, you are probably wondering, why I put this on the top stocks to avoid?

Tesla’s stock value is way too high. Unstable. The stock can go up and down from 1700 down to 1300 in just a few days. The value of the stock is also too high for the value of the company.

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Shopify is similar to what I said about Tesla.

Shopify’s stock value is way too high for the value of their company. Shopify’s stock rose from around $300 to around $1100 in just a few months. Not a stable stock.

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Where do I get information about Bitcoin? What affects the value of Bitcoin? We don’t know.

Bitcoin is one of the mysterious stocks where we don’t know what affects the value of it. The stock is also constantly changing in value by thousands of dollars.

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Cineplex in my opinion is done. Even if cineplex does manage to open soon it will never make the same amount it did before.

People now have home theaters, Netflix, and 1000’s of downloaded movies to watch for a cheaper price from the comfort of their homes.

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These 4 stocks in my opinion are the best to avoid in 2020.

Many of these stocks may be perfect if you are trying to make some quick cash however, in the long run, these are not smart investments.

I personally have never touched any of these stocks because of the instability they have. Even if you learn a $100 in profit one day, you never know if you lose $200 in profit the following.

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