5 Stocks To Invest In 2020

2020 has been a wild year and has had many positive and negative effects on the stock market. Back in March 2020, stocks dove a lot. After that, some stocks strived and did very well and others did not.

The stocks listed below are for-profit, not dividend pay. These 5 stocks are in order, number 1 being the best stock to invest in.

Here my top 5 stocks to invest in 2020 (IMO).

5. Costco

Costco is a very smart and safe stock to invest it. Costco has had a very consistent upward trend and hasn’t taken any dramatic jumps or dives.

Costco stores are never empty, they are always filled with lines. Even during the pandemic.

With Costco providing everything in one store and everything being in bulk it gathers the attention from 10s of millions of shoppers.

4. Netflix

Netflix was on the verge of going under before the pandemic and then saw a quick recovery due to the fact that people only could watch shows from home. Netflix stock has nearly doubled since March 2020.

Production of new shows on cable TV has seen a dramatic decrease, thus leading to new users to purchase Netflix for the exclusive content.

3. Apple

Apple’s stock has over doubled from March 2020. Apple’s stock has proven to be reliable in the past and now has shown that it can be extremely profitable too.

With more people working at home they need fast and reliable technology. Apple will continue to be extremely profitable due to the fact that the number of people working from home is only going to increase.

2. Visa

Visa took a large dive around march and has been able to increase again over the past couple of months.

Visa is doing well and is going to continue to increase due to the fact that less cash is being used. People are using their credit cards and phones to pay because of the simplicity and prevention of germ spreading.

With the world continuing to go cashless, more people are going to be paying with Visa.

1. Amazon

Amazon took a very heavy dive in March, however, it has made an incredible increase and provided an extreme profit for many.

People are ordering more online. Not only is it fast and time-saving but, it also prevents people from going to stores and being exposed to germs.

Everything can be ordered off of Amazon, toys, groceries, work supplies, furniture, etc.


These 5 stocks are in my opinion the best to purchase in 2020.

These stocks do range from $200 USD to $3000+ USD so depending on your budget it will play a role in your purchases and profit. See, top Top 4 Stocks To Avoid In 2020

I have owned an Amazon stock for a few years now. I was saddened to see the stock dive down to around $1300 in March but to see it rise past $3000 a few months later was amazing!

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