How To Make More Money As A Teen

Making money as a teen can be hard.  Most teens are in a minimum wage job and wishing they could have more money. 

No teen has the time to put up 40+ hours a week, so how do you make more money? 

Here are smart ways to make more money as a teen, Fast, Efficient, and Profit!


Flipping is talked about a lot in the finance industry.  Flipping is when you buy something and resell it for a higher price.  It can be very profitable when approached the correct way.

Flipping Example:

I buy a stuffed animal for $5 at a garage sale.  The stuffed animal is actually worth $30 and I sell it.  I make a $25 profit.

Not every item can be flipped for high profit so you need to do some research before buying something.  Some items can have a very high profit depending on the product or brand name.


If you are an expert with a subject, tutor!  Find an age group of which you want to tutor.    Tutor math, art, music, etc. 

Advertising your tutoring skills will happen when customers recommend you to other people. 

Tutors can charge anywhere from $25 an hour to $80 an hour depending on the subject you are teaching and the age of your student.


Good with kids?  Put out flyers or hand out business cards to potential customers that may be interested in your babysitting service. 

If you want to increase your number of customers, get your red-cross babysitting certification.  This will make your customers trust you even more. 

Babysitters can charge around $10 an hour per kid.  

Cutting Lawns 

Cutting lawns is one of the oldest and most profitable teen jobs.  Set up a weekly or bi-weekly schedule with your clients, this will help keep an organized business and consistent customers and profit.  

Charge around $20 for a lawn that is 15m by 15m.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is another ‘old but gold’ method to make money as a teen. 

Charge around $15 for a 10m by 20m driveway.  Having multiple people join you can help you shovel more driveways leading to higher profit.

Pool Cleaning

Clean pools for homeowners. Buy all of your equipment or use the homeowner’s equipment.

Set up a weekly schedule with your clients and do all their pool chores.  Charge around $50 per hour. 

Car Washing 

Wash cars for people. Whether you set up shop at a permeant location or your visit door to door asking if they would like a car wash.

Charge around $5- $10 depending on how much you have to offer.

Window Washing

Wash windows for businesses or homes. Charge around $5 per window. If you are cleaning a window that is on the 2nd story, charge more.

Dog Walking

Walking dogs is an extremely profitable and trustworthy job. Charge around $5 – $10 per walk. If the homeowner wants you to babysit their dog for a day, charge around $50.


Homemade jewelry can turn lots of profit. There is a lot of creativity that goes into making your jewelry.

How much you charge depends on the type of jewelry, cost to make, and time out into the art.

Social Media Sponsorships 

When you have a large and strong following on a social media platform companies may reach out to you to promote their product or service.  This can be extremely profitable when you have the right platform. How To Gain Social Media Fame

Wrap Up

All of these options can be extremely profitable and potentially lead to a full-time career. When selling handcrafted products, you can sell them on eBay or even start an e-commerce store. Be sure to start a social media page for marketing and gaining customers.

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