5 Tips On How To Gain Instagram Followers and Likes

The app Instagram is one of the original social media apps. 

It is one of the hardest social media pages to grow on however, it is not impossible.  Instagram is also one of the most widely used social media apps, featuring many famous celebrities. 

Follow these tips from my experience with Instagram to learn how to grow yourself and become Instagram famous.

5.  Appeal for the target audience 

You wouldn’t want to get Sidney Crosby’s attention on Instagram by posting photos of food, would you?  No, you post hockey related content. 

Content that is appealing and relatable to the audience, content the viewer wants to see.

4.  Activity

On Instagram, you need to be active every day.  Every day check your comments and respond to them.  Post at least every 5 days.  When you start to become inactive, trust me, you will lose followers.  

3.  Networking 

On Instagram, you want to be communicating with other users.  People that are directly involved or not directly involved with your account. 

DM people every day, get your content featured on their pages.  Ask them for opinions on where you can improve with your account.  If they do feature your content on their page you may gain many more followers.  

2.  Hashtags

Hashtags are very important for getting noticed on Instagram.  Use hashtags that are relatable to your content. 

If I have a hashtag such as, ‘#hockey’ people can follow the hashtag.  Your content will get featured on their feed.  Hashtags help new people see your content. 

Hashtags expose people that are interested in your content, therefore providing you with more active and interested followers.

1.  Engaging Content

This is content that people are going to want to look at for a while.  Content that they will comment on.  Content that they will share with others. 

Having engaging viewers means that your content and account is going to get attention.  When you created a buzz about something like a photo this will bring more attention to it. 

Remember to also communicate back with your viewers through comments and Dm’s.


I have been active on Instagram for around 6 years and I have definitely seen a change in the way the people go about the app. 

Instagram followers and likes will need to be worked for.  They won’t follow you for nothing, consider it as a compliment when they do. 

I have started new accounts from scratch and it was hard to gain followers on the account however, by using the 5 tips I listed, I was able to gain the attention from many accounts and get featured on high following accounts as well.

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