5 Tips On How To Gain YouTube Subscribers and Views

YouTube is one of the most respected and top social media tiers to reach. 

This is a platform where people can obtain lots of fame and money.  YouTube has made people reach over 100’s of millions of fans and 10’s of millions of dollars. 

If YouTube is approached the right way then you can gain many followers and lots of profit.

5.  Attracting Titles and Thumbnails 

When YouTube videos appear on a person’s recommended list, you want yours to pop.  What is going to separate yours from the rest? 

Having titles and thumbnails that are eye-catching can be a game-changer to your account. 

Use punctuation and capital letters for your titles.  For your thumbnail make sure it is bright and gives a picture sneak peek about your video however, don’t make it too busy and confusing.

4.  Active 

On YouTube, you want to make sure that you are active and communicating with your viewers and subscribers.  Like their comments and respond back to them.  

3.  Tell People To Subscribe

Although it may be annoying to you when other YouTubers do it and it looks ‘unprofessional’, you have to tell your viewers to subscribe, like, and comment. 

Many people are not gonna bother doing any of that unless they are told to or reminded too.  During the video or at the end say, “Subscribe, like and comment!”

2.  Clear Video

YouTube is all about videos so in order to make the viewers love your video make the video crystal clear.  Plan each shot.  Make the audio clean. 

Most phones shoot very high quality so you don’t need to worry about buying expensive cameras.

1. Breathtaking Footage 

The best way to gain attention and fame on YouTube is by shooting breathtaking footage.  Shoot the coolest videos, videos people are excited to watch, videos that will create hype. 

Remember those epic cliff jumping videos?  The sky diving videos?  It was a thrill for people to watch it!  We couldn’t stop watching them!


I have been on YouTube for a long time and I just recently picked it back up again.  It is definitely the hardest platform to attract attention to but, not impossible. YouTube only gets easier after the first 1000 subscribers.  Make sure in your early ages (less than 100 subscribers) you are promoting your YouTube Videos and accounts. 

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