The Funnel Effect

So you want to have success and fame from all social media platforms?  What is the best approach for this?

The funneling effect is the most efficient way to push attraction to your other social media pages. 

The easiest way is to follow this approach,  

TikTok —>  Instagram —>  YouTube 

This is the most efficient way to achieve fame on all platforms. Influence your TikTok followers to check out your Instagram page, influence your Instagram followers to check out your YouTube page.

You can also avoid the Instagram part if you want and direct your TikTok followers straight to your YouTube.

I used this approach and was able to gain a great following on my Instagram.  From that, I promoted my YouTube on my Instagram page. 

My Subscriber count started to increase fairly quick and my views skyrocketed.  They went up %400!

TikTok was a gift because it helps boost fame on social media for many people.  TikTok is very easy to start your fame and direct it to all social media platforms.

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